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Phase II Women’s Group

Assignment for 12/3/13: For this week we are going to look at our speech. Each day at midday ask yourself regarding your speech, “Is it kind, helpful, and true?” At the end of the day ask yourself the same question. Read Right Action.

Phase I IOP Group

Assignment for Tuesday 11/05/2013 Begin reading Chapter 10 in the Green Book (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Come prepared to share what chapter you are in the Black Book (Out of Control); and any concerns you are having about  the book Work on your “ideal...

Phase I IOP Group

Assignment for Halloween Night 10/31/2013 Complete and practice your “Assertiveness Scripts” Finish Chapter 9 in the Green Book Have your “five things you like about yourself” per day (for the last 7 days) complete and ready to share in group...