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Professional Counselors

Counselors at Bridgeway Treatment Services, LLC all have a BA or higher.

Group Rooms

Anonymity is important and respected.


Being mindful is being centered with with our thoughts.

This is a Journey!

Treatment is individually developed to meet you treatment goals and is designed to keep you moving in a positive direction.

Bridgeway Treatment Services’ Goal

Nobody plans to experience problems as a result of drugs and alcohol. Poor decisions happen every day, and if they do, they are usually followed by some type of negative consequences; we’re here to help. No one intends to become addicted. The abuse of chemicals is similar to forgetfulness. It starts out innocently but in time becomes more difficult to find a way out. Not only do they work at best, in a temporary way; but actually end up adding to our pain. The difficulties that we sought to escape, have only become worse. The capacity to take in and enjoy the many wonderful aspects of being alive has been shut down. Eventually comes the knowledge and understanding of, “I have suffered enough and would like to have my life back.” Treatment for many is the changing of a lifestyle and mindset.

Bridgeway Treatment Services, LLC is a non-traditional program steeped in the principles of Mindfulness. With mindfulness one becomes fully alive and aware in each moment. Through this awareness one discovers oneself, the root of his or her suffering; and what is needed to live a life of balance and peace. Along with developing mindfulness through meditation, we can give you the tools necessary to live a life of balance and peace.

With each moment we choose our liberation or our destruction.

Mindfulness is a tool that can be used to experience the reality of self and the world; when one walks in mindfulness one walks in awareness. This awareness allows for true choice and self-determination of one’s life path. We can show you the path. The rest is up to you.

Bridging Addictions & Mental Health to Self-Discovery through Mindfulness

Drug and Alcohol Assessments

We use standard acceptable testing for alcohol and drug usage along with a comprehensive interview to determine the extent that alcohol and drugs have affected the client’s life.

Individual and Family Counseling

Individual and Family Counseling
Depending on individual client needs; sessions may be scheduled to address any part of their treatment plan that is not being addressed in group sessions. At times, clients require assistance with communication between themselves and their family members or spouse.

Alcohol and Drug Information School ADIS

An eight hour class held the 2nd Saturday of every month for those people who require an ADIS certificate. Arrival is at 8:45 am & Departure is at 4:00 pm.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Phase I Group

Meets twice a week in 3 hour sessions, along with an individual session every week for the first month. The individual session is held on a day that group is not held on; for a period of 12 weeks.

Relapse Prevention (OP): Phase II Group

Meets once a week (in either a men’s or women’s group) in 1 1/2 hour sessions, along with an individual session every 20 hours of treatment; for a period of six months.

Continuing Care: Phase III Group

A continuing care group that meets in 1 1/2 hour sessions, along with an individual session every 20 hours of treatment; for a period of three to eighteen months.

Two Year Deferred Prosecution

A two year program designed for those who have been assessed as an addict or alcoholic and wish to take advantage of a long-term commitment to recovery in lieu of a criminal record as a result of an infraction.

Brief Dynamic Therapy – 20 Sessions

Brief dynamic therapy is a time-efficient treatment in which the therapist maintains a focus on specific client issues and goals, all within a basic psychodynamic framework.

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