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Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Assessments can be scheduled 7 days a week

Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Assessments can be scheduled 7 days a week, depending on the nature and timely need for assessment results. We ask that you come prepared to spend two to three hours at this interview and are prepared to leave a urinalysis sample. The results of this assessment are a collaboration of information retrieved from various sources. We utilize a discussion of the events preceding the incident (whatever prompted you to seek an assessment, legal or otherwise), utilizing standardized testing tools (SASSI, MAST, DAST), a review of your Defendants Case History (DCH), an evaluation of your police report (if applicable) and review of your Abstract of Driving Record (ADR). Prior to scheduling the assessment, we ask that you retrieve your lifetime driving abstract from either the Department of Licensing or the Washington State Patrol website (cost is $13). The information we will discuss will consist of your personal, family (both primary and secondary), legal and vocational histories. We also gather an extensive alcohol/drug use history as well as a complete mental health history. The results of the interview and the test results will be shared with you directly following the interview, along with our recommendation.  Based on the 2-hour structured interview, the collected information and our clinical impression; we will compile a diagnosis. We take into consideration that this diagnosis has the potential to follow you for life, so we pay special attention to every detail and when necessary, recommend the least amount of treatment. It is our belief that labels have the potential to haunt an individual’s psyche, and consider their affect strongly prior to attaching them to an individual.

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