Homework assignment for week of 02/25/13-03/01/13

Keep a running log of any overwhelming emotions you experience. When you find yourself experiencing an overwhelming emotion, document what the event is that triggers the emotion. Note the actual event, not your judgement or opinion about the event. The record the physical, behavioral, emotional and cognitive cues you are experiencing as a result of the overwhelming emotion. The intention is for you to start seeing a correlation between the events in your life and the behaviors you exhibit as a result of such events.

Spend a minimum of 5 minutes (no max) every morning, immediately after waking, just being still. Allow yourself to become centered, balanced and calm. Visualize your success, imagine your day being peaceful and collected. This is  your gift to yourself, you deserve it!

Complete Chapter 7 in the green book.

Come to group prepared to share your exercises from the first half of the chapter on Tuesday night and the second half of the chapter on Thursday night.

Keep working in the black book, this one also has to be completed by the time you’re done with IOP.